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The Celebrated Pedestrian

Faith Wentworth’s father is a renowned sportsman and national celebrity, but Faith despises all sport and wants to be admired for herself, not her father’s exploits. So when Sir Anthony and then Lord Frederick begin to pay her marked attentions she’s suspicious of their motives. Sir Anthony obviously cares more for her father than for her, but it seems as if Lord Frederick is worthy of her trust…Or is he making sport of her, as well?

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Mr. Malcolm’s List

The Honorable Mr. Malcolm has a secret. This elusive matrimonial prize, long the target of desperate debutantes and their matchmaking mothers, is well known for his fastidiousness. What is not well known is that he has a list of qualifications for his future bride.

Can any woman hope to win the heart of such a hardened critic? Selina Dalton can only try her best. And when she begins to succeed, Jeremy Malcolm is not sure whether he has discovered the perfect woman… Or the perfect hoax.

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Can a young lady allow her beloved sister to be sacrificed on the marriage altar? Emily Smithfield cannot. So when her mother announces that a marriage has been arranged between Emily's older sister Lydia and Lord Wesleigh, a man the sisters have never met, Emily offers to marry the gentleman in her sister's stead. Emily's act of selflessness leaves Lydia free to marry the man she loves and Emily the bride of a handsome young marquess. Not a bad bargain at all!

Lord Wesleigh, who knows nothing of Emily's matchmaking scheme, arrives in the small village where the Smithfields reside disguised as a curate, in an attempt to observe his betrothed anonymously. When Lord Wesleigh finds himself more attracted to Emily than her sister, the rules of the game change. Can he make Emily fall in love with him when she believes him to be a penniless curate? A Regency-era romance novel originally published by Grand Central Publishing in 2001.

Only available in Kindle format:

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The Judas Postcard

“Judas, I did not die.”

When Sarah Kendrick reads those words on the back of a postcard she chances upon, she’s immediately intrigued. What begins as idle curiosity spirals out of control when Sarah uncovers a twenty-five year old crime of corruption and betrayal. Her efforts to untangle the mystery make her the target of a powerful enemy who will do anything to keep the past from being revealed. Sarah’s initial quest for independence quickly becomes a fight for her life, and she’s forced to accept help from her own particular Judas: the ex-husband who betrayed her.